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Where to find K-POP singers' Official Light Sticks (K-POP Shop Boraclover)

Where to find K-POP singers' Official Light Sticks (K-POP Shop Boraclover)

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Hello everyone, long time no see. I wanted to see you all. How are you? It would be great if the corona virus would end now, but the corona hasn't gone away yet. Always take care of your health.

Although the corona virus has not ended like this, the regulations on corona are being relaxed around the world, and the number of confirmed cases is gradually decreasing.

Maybe that's why K-pop singers who couldn't perform overseas tours for a long time due to Corona started holding overseas concerts this year! Are you guys looking forward to it? I remember enjoying the concert while waving the light stick. It was really good back then, but I'm so happy that I can enjoy the concert like this again.

Do you all have light sticks to use at concerts? If you don't have one, check out the various light stick products on the K-POP Shop Boraclover website.

We are selling official light sticks of various groups such as BTS, STRAYKIDS, TWICE, TXT, BLACKPINK, ENHYPEN, etc. And all light sticks at Boraclover are on sale at the lowest price.

In addition to that, there are also events where small gifts are given out. I hope we can all meet at the concert as soon as possible and have fun and enjoy it.

Thanks for reading this long post. Have a happy day today. See you next time.

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