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BTS, BLACKPINK, etc. A magazine with a K-pop idol on the cover?

BTS, BLACKPINK, etc. A magazine with a K-pop idol on the cover?

Hi. Today, BoraClover has brought good information for you. Do you guys like K-pop? I think that K-pop fans will have a lot of various goods such as albums and character goods of their favorite idols or musicians. So today, I am going to give you information about one of the various goods. Do you guys read a lot of magazines? You can also meet K-pop idol singers in magazines that we often come across. Various magazine companies such as VOGUE and GQ selected K-pop singers such as BTS and BLACKPINK as models for the cover of the main cover of the magazine. What are the advantages of magazines? In my opinion, this is it. It means that you can view the photos of your favorite singers in a large size like bromide and in premium quality. And above all else, because it's a cover model shoot, the photos come out more handsome and prettier than ever. So for this reason, I have BTS VOGUE KOREA magazine and GQ magazine. And as a CD album collector for singers, I already have almost all of the CDs, so now I'm collecting magazines. There are probably many of you reading this who, like me, collect magazines after collecting all the albums hahahaha. Today, I checked out a magazine with K-pop singers on the covers. Currently, in Bora Clover, BTS is holding a 1+1 event for VOGUE and GQ magazines, which are cover models. If you are interested in reading this article, or if you have been interested in the past and have been thinking about it, I think you can use this opportunity to buy it. Then I'll leave the event link below and say hello. have a nice day guys !!

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